Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities are available?

Amenities Block - Located next to the sites, approx. twenty-five metres away.  It contains three bathrooms and a laundry with a coin-operated washing machine (2 x $1 coins required).

Campfire Area – Riverfront and paved, at the upstream end of the sites. Wood can be self-gathered locally. If you intend to stay more than a couple days, it will be helpful to bring a chainsaw.

Water - There is bore water from the tap at your power box, and rainwater (for drinking only) at a nearby tank.

Should I book ahead if I want to stay?

It’s not totally necessary, but is a good idea to phone ahead, especially in the days before you intend to visit (School holidays are often the busiest.)... just in case we have a temporary closure planned or are already fully booked. We have just 6 Riverfront sites in total.

Do I need a 4WD to get to Idalia?

No. BUT… The roads to us are unsealed. They are generally okay, and it's just a matter of taking your time and driving to the conditions of the road.

Can I tow my camper-trailer or caravan to Idalia?

Certainly, but please bear in mind that we are only accessible by unsealed roads in all directions. Your trailer or van doesn't need to be an off-road type ... just drive to the conditions.

Do you have unpowered sites?

Our 6 sites are all at the one grassed area, absolutely Riverfront for all sites, atop the bank of the Darling, and all have access to power. You can choose to not use power. 

What happens if it rains prior to my arrival?

Road closures due to rain are a fact of life with unsealed roads in the outback. Roads are closed until they dry. Time taken to dry depends on the amount of rain received, the weather prior and after the rainfall.

If you have pre-booked, leaving a mobile phone contact while you are travelling is handy, so that I have a means of contacting you if we’ve had significant rain prior to your arrival.

If you are here and it rains then you may have to extend your stay until roads are dry and reopened. If a rain event is predicted I do my best to warn visitors of the risk of having to stay a little longer. The decision is then yours to make as to whether you stay or continue through the area to sealed roads. 

Can I go fishing, yabbying, boating, kayaking?

Yes. BYO gear and bait.

See ‘Activities’ page for Fishing Licence requirements.

Is there mobile phone coverage at Idalia?

With a car kit and aerial, yes there are ‘spots’ you can get service, but it’s not guaranteed and should not be relied upon!  Also your mobile must be with Telstra, a Next-G or later model.

Is Idalia dog friendly?

We allow visiting dogs, WITH CONDITIONS.

We have several working dogs ourselves, they are all female.


  • Well behaved and socialised female and neutered male dogs.

  • STRICTLY NO ‘entire male’ dogs.

  • ALL waste to be removed by owner/s well away from site area.

  • Dogs MUST BE RESTRAINED when not in the IMMEDIATE PRESENCE and CONTROL of Owner/s.

  • Dogs to be restrained (eg tied, caged, or in your van/tent) at night.

Can I buy fuel and basic food provisions nearby?

Louth (43km) and Tilpa (47km) sell diesel and unleaded fuel, though it's a good idea to fuel up at your last major town before heading out to Idalia as occasionally the local pubs run out of a particular fuel type. Fuel is also more costly at these small isolated villages.

Shindy's Inn at Louth can provide you with very basic food provisions.

Both village Pubs do beaut Pub meals.

Do you allow recreational hunting?


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