Bird Watching

The birdlife at Idalia is plentiful. You can see and hear them anytime with a walk along the riverbank trails. Or often the best time to watch them is early in the morning while sitting back relaxing with your cuppa, or in the evening from your veranda or favourite riverside seat with your cocktail in hand!

There’s a huge variety of birds, and what you can see changes from season to season.  Little blue kingfishers, kookaburras, red-tailed black cockatoos, various parrots, bush canaries, crested pigeons, pelicans, native doves and ducks, the comical gang members of the bird-world, ‘jackie-birds’!  Bower birds and a bower bird ‘playground’, galahs, emus, the list goes on.

During and after a flood or a particularly good wet time the waterbirds flock to the billabong and swamps – spoon bills, herons, water hens by the thousands, various ducks etc.